Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Journal diy

I found an amazing tutorial for making a journal at Indie Jane Photography the other day. After reading it, naturally I decided to make my own version.
All I did was:
1) Got an old journal of mine and ripped out half the pages. (When I finish the journal, what I've added back will fill it out again.)
2) Used fabric tape and put in pretty paper or pictures.
3) Add a quote, verse, or lyric and the date.

I'll be posting an entry once a month. Here's today's. :)

Journal entry 8/11/12

For me, this is a really great way to remember all the things that inspire, lift me up, and even songs that were stuck inside my head. Plus it's pretty. :) I bought the fabric tape from The Plaid Barn during one of their one-day sales. The paper is just scrap I had in my craft organizer. (Yes, I have a craft organizer.. which needs to be re-organized.. eh, maybe on winter break.)
Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend! xo

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